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My name is Emelie Bengtsson and I’m a photo artist and illustrator based in Jämtland, Sweden. What inspires me the most is our beautiful nature in Jämtland. I love the wilderness in the landscape with the mountains, forests and lakes. With my photos I want to share that emotion and show what I think is magical, majestic, peaceful and beautiful. What distinguishes my photos are often the light and the emotion. Also when I paint I’m very inspired by the nature in my surroundings. I prefer to paint in gouache, but I also use watercolor and tusch. I love to paint the night sky, deep forests and plants. I do both paintings, illustrations and seamless patterns (that can be printed on fabric). My illustrations are often playful, as myself in my creativity. If you want to buy my photos or paintings as prints you can find them at Nordic Poster Collective or at BGA. Do you want to see more of what I do? Please visit my Instagram account @emeliemaria.se