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The  person behind EMELIEmaria is called Emelie Bylund and I work in Östersund, Sweden. 

I call myself a visual creator, as a collective name for illustrator, artist and photographer. Because I can’t decide, I like too mycket to experiment with different techniques and types of creating. Mostly I paint with gouache color, but also with aquarelle watercolor, ink and digital drawings.

I get inspired by the wild landscape in Jämtland with the mountains, the woods and the lakes. But I also find inspiration in the little things in everyday life, like how the seasons shiftings change my garden, the steam from a smoking cup of tea or the color changes in a forest clearing. The feeling in what I create are the same despite of the technique – a playful and magic feeling with a little piece of wonder. 

You can find many of my artworks as prints at Inzpero, BGA and Nordic Poster Collective.

I also cooperate with different organizations and illustrate and design book covers or create images for their communication with customers. You can contact me if you want to discover what I can do to help your organization. 

Do you want to see more of what I do? Check out my instagram account  @emeliemaria.se